NSK Certification

NSK Certification

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Last August, Gosselin Electric Motors became the first NSK-certified motor repair shop in Canada.

On August 1st, representatives from NSK came to meet with us to formalize our certification to their NSK Certified Motor Repair Shop Program. We are the first Canadian company to obtain this certification. In order to be eligible, the members of NSK came to audit our facilities and our procedures, to ensure that we meet their quality standards.

This certification ensures us of a multilocation inventory dedicated to our needs. Thus, at all times, we have in our facility a large inventory of bearings that we use daily in the refurbishment of our electric motors. In addition, NSK offers us technical support from their engineers for special cases. This garantees we can offer our clients a fast quality service.


To this question, Benoît Sabourin of the NSK team answers : « Gosselin Electric Motors has been chosen for this program because of its continuous support to NSK products for several years. Its growth and future plans ensure that our partnership is in line with our growth strategy in the region. We are privileged to have Gosselin Electric Motors as the first NSK Certified Repair Shop in Canada ! ».


NSK is one of the largest manufacturer of bearings in the world and the largest in Japan, where its head office is located. This company, that has more than 30,000 employees, celebrated its 100 years of existence in 2016. 

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