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Exlar servomotor repair

Deal with specialists for the repair of all models of Exlar servomotors in Canada. Use your local delivery services to send us your servo motor from everywhere in Canada and the United States. Contact our consultants for a quick estimate!

For a professional repair of your Exlar servo motor, do business with Gosselin Electric Motors!

Founded in 1986, Exlar stands out for its vast inventory of automation equipment, including servomotors. Gosselin Electric Motors is proud to offer you a complete repair service on all models of Exlar servo motors. Rest assured that our technicians are specially trained to perform any type of repair on your Exlar servo motors.

What types of Exlar servo motors do you repair?

  • Exlar GTX series actuator 
  • Exlar FTX Series Actuator 
  • Exlar TTX Series Actuator 
  • Exlar TTX Series Tritex® Servomotor 
  • Exlar FTP Series Servomotor 
  • Exlar® GTW Series Servomotor 
  • Exlar FT Series Servomotor 
  • Exlar® K Series Servomotor 
  • Exlar KX Series Servomotor 
  • Exlar GSX series servo motor
  • Exlar Tritex T2X AC linear servo motor 
  • Exlar Tritex TDX DC Linear Servo Motor
  • Exlar Tritex R2M/G AC Rotary Servomotor 
  • Exlar Tritex RDM/G DC Rotary Actuator
  • Exlar SLG Series Rotary Actuator

Which Exlar servo motor models do you repair?

No matter what model of Exlar servo motor you have, our team of experienced technicians can repair it for you. Here is an overview of the Exlar servo models we can repair.

  • Exlar SLM060-118
  • Exlar SLM060-158
  • Exlar SLM060-168
  • Exlar SLM060-218
  • Exlar SLM060-238
  • Exlar SLM060-258
  • Exlar SLM060-268
  • Exlar SLM060-318
  • Exlar SLM060-338
  • Exlar SLM060-358
  • Exlar SLM060-368
  • Exlar SLM090-118
  • Exlar SLM090-138
  • Exlar SLM090-158
  • Exlar SLM090-168
  • Exlar SLM090-218
  • Exlar SLM090-238
  • Exlar SLM090-258
  • Exlar SLM090-268
  • Exlar SLM090-338
  • Exlar SLM090-358
  • Exlar SLM090-368
  • Exlar SLM115-118
  • Exlar SLM115-118-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-138
  • Exlar SLM115-138-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-158
  • Exlar SLM115-368-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-158-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-168
  • Exlar SLM115-168-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-238
  • Exlar SLM115-238-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-258
  • Exlar SLM115-258-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-268
  • Exlar SLM115-268-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-338
  • Exlar SLM115-338-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-358
  • Exlar SLM115-358-B5
  • Exlar SLM115-368

Why choose Gosselin Electric Motors to repair your Exlar servomotor?

Founded in 1963, Gosselin Electric Motors is committed to offering a complete range of professional services to its customers for Exlar servo motor repairs. Our team is made up of experienced consultants and technicians specifically trained in the latest servo motor technologies. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest quality service! Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Any questions?

To learn more about our Exlar servo motor repair service, our prices or our other repair services, please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions! Also take advantage of our 24/7 emergency repair service! For our Canada and United States customers, we invite you to use your local delivery companies to ship your servo motors directly to us.


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